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War and the State: Business as Usual, Part I

A Six Part Essay

By Arthur D. Robbins 

WarIsNotTheAnswer1. War and the health of the State:    What causes war

2. Federated governments:    The Nation vs. the State

3. Origin of the State: Barbarians at the gate

4. End Game: War goes on 

5. Critical Thinking: A bridge to the future

6. Deconstructing the State: Getting small

#War has indeed become perpetual and peace no longer even a fleeting wish nor a distant memory. We have become habituated to the rumblings of war and the steady drum beat of propaganda about war’s necessity and the noble motives that inspire it. We will close hospitals. We will close schools. We will close libraries and museums. We will sell off our parklands and water supply. 1 People will sleep on the streets and go hungry. The war machine will go on.

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