Democracy Denied

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Democracy Denied: The Untold Story is a history of democracy in the United States prior to the signing of the Constitution. It blows the whistle on two hundred years of myth and mystification.

During the seven-year war with England, the Continental Congress was the American government. The Articles of Confederation were its founding document and the basis for its political, diplomatic, military, and economic authority, both domestically and internationally. The Continental Congress organized the country and won the war against Britain. Why then, having proved itself, was this government abandoned? Why were the Articles of Confederation scrapped?

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was conducted under the darkest secrecy. Benjamin Franklin was supplied with a chaperone, lest he speak too freely after a few glasses of wine. Rhode Island refused to participate, suspecting that the organizers were up to no good. Patrick Henry of Virginia “smelt a rat in Philadelphia, tending toward the monarchy.”

At the outset of their respective state conventions, seven states, that is to say a majority, were against ratification of the Constitution. When Pennsylvania delegates to their state convention left in protest, denying the majority a quorum, officers “broke into their lodgings… dragged them through the streets … and thrust them into the assembly room, with clothes torn and faces white with rage.”

Was there a cabal? Was there a coup? If so, why? Read this democracy thriller and find out.

Democracy Denied: The Untold Story is Part II of a larger work by this author entitled, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained: The True Meaning of Democracy.In addition to all of Part II, I have included a chapter on democracy in ancient Athens, a new introduction and a new conclusion. If the reader visits he will find a table of contents with chapter summaries for the entire work as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

Ralph Nader has referred to Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained as, “An eye-opening, earth-shaking book … a fresh, torrential shower of revealing insights and vibrant lessons…” Vandana Shiva, environmentalist and author of Earth Democracy, Michael Parenti, political scientist and author of The Assassination of Julius Caesar, Joshua Miller, Professor at Lafayette College and author of The Rise and Fall of Democracy in Early America, 1630 – 1789 have all endorsed Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained. It is my hope that once you have savored Democracy Denied you will want to explore the larger work as well.  

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