Arthur D Robbins Interviewed By Frank Morano

dog-listeningstening1Recently I was interviewed by Frank Morano on AM970 radio. This was an hour-long interview covering many of the issues addressed in PARADISE LOST, PARADISE REGAINED: THE TRUE MEANING OF DEMOCRACY. Mr. Morano is an enthusiastic and energetic supporter of the book. I think you will find the interview engaging and informative.

This clip covers our exchange on the subject of democracy in ancient Athens. This is probably one of the more accessible introductions to a subject that is critical to our understanding of government and #democracy. The issues we address here are as relevant today as they were 2500 years. I think you will enjoy the experience. I am interested in hearing your thoughts and comments.

Click HERE to listen.

2 Responses to Arthur D Robbins Interviewed By Frank Morano

  1. You assume humans are different from other animals. They are not. Hope for altruism but prepare for barbarism whenever you meet them.
    “The strong are bad and
    The weak are good because
    They are not strong enough to be bad.”
    Old Bugandan adage

  2. You are right. I do assume animals are different from humans. Animals kill for a meal. Humans kill for the fun of it. However, there are many decent humans. My suspicion is that you might be one of them.

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