War and the State: Business as Usual, Part I

A Six Part Essay

By Arthur D. Robbins 

WarIsNotTheAnswer1. War and the health of the State:    What causes war

2. Federated governments:    The Nation vs. the State

3. Origin of the State: Barbarians at the gate

4. End Game: War goes on 

5. Critical Thinking: A bridge to the future

6. Deconstructing the State: Getting small

#War has indeed become perpetual and peace no longer even a fleeting wish nor a distant memory. We have become habituated to the rumblings of war and the steady drum beat of propaganda about war’s necessity and the noble motives that inspire it. We will close hospitals. We will close schools. We will close libraries and museums. We will sell off our parklands and water supply. 1 People will sleep on the streets and go hungry. The war machine will go on.

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The Long Shot: Political Farce

The Long Shot: A Political Farce

longshot-final2-strokeIf you think presidential politics can’t be any more ridiculous than they already are, that is because you haven’t read, The Long Shot

The Long Shot (Here) is a satire of presidential politics set in the year 2035. The story is narrated by a self-denigrating, hard-drinking, womanizing, opportunist — Nicholas Belladona — who latches on to a naive, self-deluding, chronic liar— Jeremy DoLittle — who has dreams of becoming President of the United States.

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The Shaping Of American Character

AmericanCharacterBy Arthur D Robbins

Have you ever thought that who you are as a person is determined in part by the government you live under? Political philosophers have been considering such a possibility going all the way back to the early Greeks. Government shapes us either by engaging and empowering us through participation or by assuming all power unto itself and leaving us to go our separate ways alone and isolated.

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The Constitutional Hoax


Arthur D. Robbins

For centuries the United States Constitution has been held up to the world as one of civilization’s greatest achievements. It has been exalted and extolled at home and abroad, emulated and imitated by countries in both hemispheres. In some broad sense it has provided a foundation for our belief in man’s perfectibility and the possibility of government that serves the common good.

Is it conceivable that this document so revered was conceived in perfidy and that its primary purpose was the installation of a powerful moneyed oligarchy, that it was neither created by “We the people,” nor designed to serve them? As historian Woody Holton observes, “It is an unsettling but inescapable fact that several of the principal authors of the #U.S.Constitution, which has served as a model for representative government all over the world, would never had made it to Philadelphia if their constituents had known their real intentions” (Holton, 181). What were their real intentions? Let’s go back to the beginning and find out. Continue reading

Back To The Future: The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

By Arthur D. RobbinsAbraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States 

A President of the United States would never operate outside the law, ignore the U.S. Constitution and the courts, shut down the presses, imprison his domestic adversaries or turn his guns on his own people. Well, #AbrahamLincoln, the 16th president did of all of that and, curiously, has been turned into a national hero for his troubles. Lincoln ignored his closest advisors and the temper of the times to engage in the bloodiest war in American history, a war that could easily have been avoided. Single handedly Lincoln terrorized the entire nation. So let us take notice. What happened once could happen again. Continue reading

Do Away With Elections?


lottery_lotteryBy Arthur D. Robbins

Do away with #elections? To even think such a thought is treasonous. An election, or should I say a presidential election, is one of the few occasions, or should I say the only occasion, on which we take a genuine interest in government. We are spectators at a sporting event, a mix of a bullfight, prizefight and a barroom brawl. We get into heated arguments about which team is “better” about who deserves to win, about which gladiator will be the best for the country. There is an uppercut, a right cross, a roundhouse and he or she (not too often) is down for the count. No, he is not out. He is on his knees, struggling to his feet. The crowd roars.

Or maybe we should think of it like Super Bowl Sunday. The entire nation is brought together around one event. There is salsa and chips. The beer flows. There are roars of approval as ones team scores, long faces and silence when the other team scores. And for a week or two after the game there are long and intricate discussions of why the victor won and the loser obviously should have lost. Continue reading

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What Would It Be Like?

Pnyxby Arthur D. Robbins

What would it be like if we really lived in a democracy? These days just about everybody seems to be enjoying the benefits democratic government, that is if you believe government propaganda and you are one of the credulous many who are eager for a sense of well being at any price. But what is usually called #democracy is in fact an oligarchy of elected representatives responsible to the business interests who bankrolled their campaign. If people were actually given the opportunity to choose democracy, they might do so, provided they understood what the word actually means. Our one uncontested example is #ancientAthens.

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Which Democracy?


By Arthur D. Robbins

Which #Democracy? There are so many to choose from: Rhetorical Democracy (R.D.), Civic Democracy (C.D.), Economic Democracy (E.D.), Political Democracy (P.D.), Social Democracy (S.D.). Let’s start with rhetorical democracy.

It was only after the drafting of the U.S. Constitution that the word “democracy” entered the political dialogue. Once it came, it would not leave. For two centuries since, anyone who wishes to be elected to higher office in America must proclaim himself a friend of democracy. And so Rhetorical Democracy (R.D.) was born, the kind of democracy that prevails in the United States as of this writing. Continue reading